Online Marketing – What Google Daddy Can do to You

There are plenty of ways that you can use Search Engine Optimization to game the system and place your company’s business website right at the top of Google’s search results. Most of the ways that you can do this are perfectly legal and abide by Google’s rules, but sometimes, SEO crosses the line, and Google decides that the business that is breaking their rules does not get representation on their search engine anymore. This is a relatively new development, and while specific punishments from Google have not been announced yet, there are a few things that could feasibly be candidates for punishments from Google for “over optimizing”.


Ignoring your domain

The first punishment out of the possible punishments from Google for “over optimizing” your domain is that it will get programmed to be ignored by GoogleBot when it is indexing a keyword. The purpose of Google’s crackdown on SEO is to “level the playing field” between businesses who look in to search engine optimization as a means to make their profits and those who spend more time trying to create quality content, but do not optimize at all.

Setting Google Bot to ignore your domain would be one of the worst punishments from Google for abusing search engine optimization, since it would drop your domain to the end of their search results, instead of in a location where people actually look.

Pushing your domain down in results

Instead of completely ignoring your domain, one of the punishments from Google for over optimizing your site might just be to give your competitors a handicap by moving your business down in the search results. How far down does not particularly matter, since being off the first page of Google is a large detriment to business anyways, but Google could push overly optimized sites all the way down past the third page, where barely any Google users venture when looking for results.

Contacting the FTCFreelance-home

Since Google indexes every website, if they find one that is over optimizing or abusing the system, they would be able to alert the FTC regarding unfair business practices. Certainly there is room for error, but out of the possible punishments from Google, it is the least likely. Google has no way of knowing whether or not your business practices are unfair, and would not risk its reputation on a false allegation. That being said, SEO could be used to unfairly promote your business, and like all good things, should be done in moderation.

How to avoid possible punishment from your Daddy!

Since Google is also updating its search semantics, there are big changes for SEO ahead. Like every other change in SEO, it is important to integrate new rules in to the system, and make it work for you without crossing the line in to abuse. As long as your use of SEO is used to showcase an ethical business and is done in moderation, you should have no reason to fear Google’s changing policies. Quality content and right keywords can do wonders for you.


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