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One of the interesting aspects of freelancing is that, as a job profession it has witnessed a growth greater in the recession period than many other fields. In the last few years, the number of freelancers have grown exponentially all over the world with all trying to offer their skills and expertise to individuals, companies and organizations.

There’s a slight problem though.

Separating the wheat from the chaff has become increasingly difficult today, and one can reason out why. There’s a two fold analogy to why freelancing has witnessed the spurt it has.

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From the Freelancer Side

Statistics suggest that there has been a great increase in the number of freelancers during the last couple of years. Some of the best areas to freelance today are available in Writing, Coding, Administrative and Design; among others.

Typically, the earnings of a freelancer vary a lot. In writing for instance, it can vary from as low as $1 per 500 words to as high as $50 per 500 words (if not more).

While the lucrative earnings on offer draw in many to the world of freelancing, the lack of expertise and lack of knowledge on the way to go about things is what brings them down.

The most common problems freelancers face are understanding the client needs, over-estimating their own skills and inability to network properly. As for freelancers in India, they range from college goers trying to make extra money, housewives trying to pass their time productively, people out of jobs looking for earning opportunities and a few skilled people who freelance because they love to.

It’s the last that you should strive to be – to get away from a 9-5 desk job and earn the freedom you love.¬†

Freelancing requires a combination of three things – subject knowledge, marketing skills and determination. Delete any of the three ingredients and you will find a freelancing career that’s not so promising. Unfortunately, most freelancers have either or all of the qualities absent.

(Don’t worry though – this is where we will help you).


From the Employer Side

The jinx that haunts most is finding a freelancer to suit their needs. The freelancer has to be affordable, has to know the work, has to follow the work ethics and above all, respect deadlines.

The reason to hire a freelancer can be quite a few. An organization might need expert help (in which case, if you have the expertise, you get paid handsomely). A company might need help with projects on and off and might hire you to handle them. A company might need an one-off project help or help time to time.

When it comes to writing for instance, many companies do not have a ‘content’ department as such. However, the need for good content is felt time to time. Be it brochures, texts, letters or company magazines, there’s a need for good content everywhere. More, most companies have an online presence today and they need freelancers to maintain their website blog and create websites apart from writing the web content.



Ah, don’t let the picture above bother you. We will make sure clients and you do not stray away from each other!

How we Help?

Right now, we have started off the venture only for Indian Freelancers interested to earn money by writing.

We provide a comprehensive course for you Рright from teaching you the basics of freelance writing to help you interact with clients. We tell you how to approach clients. We help you understand the mistakes you are making while writing and help you make the perfect bids. We teach you how to avoid some of the common issues you face and also how to structure your freelancing career. Initially, we have only started with the Basic Starter Course. Subsequently, we will be offering detailed courses in different writing niches as well as expand in freelancing genres other than writing. Please refer to our Course Content page for details of the course.

A bit about Us

Our founder member Soubhik has himself been freelancing for years now and has worked for a number of organizations, from across the Globe. With over 6 years of experience, he writes for a whole multitude of organizations and companies and is the head behind us.

You can know more about us and what we do in the About Us page.

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