Sales and Marketing: The Trends of 2014

Business Sales and Marketing saw some major changes in 2013. We saw innovation and growth speeding up and providing opportunities to reach new customers. Many new channels, new platforms and new tools came up in 2013. How will it be in 2014? Let’s have a look!

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1. Content Marketing Gets Better
Infographics, as the name suggests, combines information and graphics. And thanks to the Internet, these ideas can be conveyed on a relatively small space. The key is to make an infographic with an interesting and informative story, that others will want to pass around.

2. Videos Go VIRAL
YouTube doesn’t lie. The marketing industry is now realising the power of a viral video. Many video sharing sites have created opportunities for businesses to reach out to people of all ages. The ease of use has also popularised the concept of the same. Mobile apps in the same category, are a brilliant innovation to appeal to consumers, so as to gain their attention.

3. CRM
Companies will begin to unify directly with Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM). CRM will seek to re-engage with customers, build stronger brand interaction and turn analysis into sales.

4. Word Of Mouth
Consumer excitement speaks a lot about brands and products. If one can find a way to get people tweeting, Facebook-ing, Instragram-ing, and many other social media platforms, can build a huge social following. In 2014, we are sure, consumers will be a part of the process to market a brand. Companies will host contests for brand exposure along media channels.

5. Remarketing Services
Email Retargeting is where a user’s online interest is studied so as to deliver ads specifically targeted towards their own interest. 2014 will surely go for an increase in this one. Many companies are looking forward to ERT to increase brand engagement.


6. Picture, Picture and Pictures
It’s a well-known fact that images receive more interaction than text based posts. Image based content will continue to be the king of social media engagement. Astounding popularity of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest speak for themselves and the numbers associated with their data can’t help but agree.

7. Budget Bubbles Up
Marketing Budget gets bigger and better in 2014. In the recent years, we’ve had enough examples where extensive promotion resulted in brand awareness, loyalty and influence. Dhoom3, being the recent example. Even though the movie received mixed reviews, huge capital invested in marketing attracted the crowd like magnet. Result? The movie went on to set up new records in Bollywood!

8. Let’s Tweet!
The new DM (Direct Message) function of Twitter allows brands to reach more customers specifically with good advertising and service communications strategies. In 2014, quite a few companies will also be seen taking advantage of LinkedIn’s branding, advertising and product-featuring opportunities, fuelled by its Influencers program.

9. Google Web Domination Stays
Google’s search algorithm is shifting towards emphasizing posts along its own social media platform. 2014 will see a rise in Google+ pages for businesses, mainly because of its backing by Google.

10. Audio Treat For Everyone
Often referred to as “the YouTube of audio,” SoundCloud now works in close accordance with Google+ and thus, is not only intended for musicians and radio stations, but also for any brand with audio content, including radio spots or spoken company profiles. Marketers, have found an effective channel for audio based promotional activities.

With an eye to the past year’s sales and marketing trends, we’re sure that the given trends will set up new benchmarks on many levels. These trends should make up for great market achievements for our companies, and help us to flourish on individual basis, as well as on the whole.

*Post Written by Smriti Singh, a My Freelance Academy course taker for the month of January 2014.

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