Payments Accepted


Hello Everybody,

A very Happy New Year!

We are sure you will continue to shine on through the year, and achieve newer heights. We have some exciting news for you.

One of the hurdles every new company faces when doing business online is starting up its own Payment Gateway system. You have to talk with the banks, you have to apply for licenses and perform a lot of other tasks.

With a fast approaching deadline (courses for January start from Jan 14), we were apprehensive about finishing everything on time. However, I need to thank my team for completing everything well in time.

Yes, the Payment Gateway is up and running! When you sign up you can directly pay with your credit or debit card. Of course, we do accept other forms of payment, including Checks and Account Transfers. Feel free to visit the Payments page to have an answer to all your queries.

Look forward to seeing you in the course,

Wishing you the best,



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