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Is Freelancing Your Cup of Tea?


A Course for All Wanna-Be Freelancers!

Are you struggling to make money? Are you trying to start your own freelancing career? Are you having a hard time getting a well paid job? Freelancing for clients and companies can help you earn money. At the least, it can help you earn a bit more. At its best, it can help you bid adieu to your day job! By Freelancing, you can:

♦Forget about asking for pocket money if you are a college-goer

♦Earn More through Freelancing than you ever imagined!

♦Interact with tons of companies and clients

♦ Use your time well if you are a Housewife

♦ Fret not if you have lost your job!

♦Put your Skills to a good use

♦Network better, earn better!

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Pic courtesy

Earning Skills and Expertise Help you get more – and earn even more than 2-3 Lakh INR a month just by freelancing! It all depends on how good you are at freelancing.

Freelancing – The Way to Earn Freedom!

Yes, statistics reveal that more and more people today are joining the world of freelancing. 40% of American Workers will freelance by the next 10 years. India has one of the highest numbers of Freelancers in the World – but NO ONE to teach these freelancers how to go about things.

Use Your Talent!

 Nobody likes the mundane 9-5 job nor the constant bickering of the boss. You need time, you need life… In short, you need a career in freelancing!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you work online. You need to be wary of:

♠Fraudulent Clients

Offering low quality services

Getting poor quality feed backs

Missing Deadlines for the Project

Inability to approach the right people

Not having the right networking skills

Not getting quality clients



The Course That Teaches You All 

Here is something that Indian Freelancers who love to write


We bring to you the FIRST EVER course on Online Writing Freelancing. And Trust us that it will be worth it! With the Course, learn:

 ♣How to approach clients and companies

How to avoid fraudulent clients

How to avoid Common Writing Mistakes

How to Understand the Different Writing styles (of U.S, U.K, etc.)

How to Network and Get Good Paying clients

How to Make Sure that you can live by freelancing

How to work with Different Platforms in Internet


Pic Courtesy

Pic Courtesy

Don’t Follow Books Blindly!

Yes, there are tons of books that tell you how to freelance. They are crap. And it’s not because we say it. It’s because you wouldn’t have had the need of this course if the books were great! We do things differently:

-      Our Team Members are SUCCESSFUL Freelancers Themselves, Earning their Full Income from Freelancing.

-      Many of us have freelanced with the top companies in the world.

-      We Demonstrate a Varied Portfolio

-      We offer all details beforehand and you can check the information yourself!

-      Testimonials on those we have helped don’t lie!


What We Will Do:

With the Basic Freelancing Course, we will help you by:

-         Conducting two classes a week, for four weeks.

-         Every class with be of two hours and have in depth discussion.

-         Live chat, screen sharing and demonstration of what you need to do.

-         Question and Answer Round where queries will be answered.

-         A course chapter and assignment at end of each class.

-         Free course material for your perusal.


We Do not Promise a Magical Method. We Promise a Methodical Course that will surely help You in your freelancing career. Much information Given will be Pure Gold and not available ANYWHERE ELSE!

Pic courtesy

Pic courtesy

What’s the Cost?

As an Introductory Offer we are offering the course FREE to the FIRST 10 people who subscribe to this course.

Additionally, there will be a lucky draw and 25 other people will get the Course Free! 

What if you do not manage to be in the 25?

Well, we have something special for you too then.


For the first three months, effective January 1 2014, we are offering 60% discount on the Course.

Normal Course Fee: Rs. 3000

You Pay: Rs. 1200

Just Sign up on the Free Signup Page by selecting ‘Free Access to the Basic Course’ and we will get back to you!

You can pay by your Credit or Debit card or even send in cheques! 

Any Queries? We will love to hear from you. Please shoot a mail to We will be happy to get back to you!

 We are Committed to provide you with some of the best Courses out there. If there’s anything (and we mean it!) that you have in your mind (including how this works and what are the benefits), feel free to let us know.  You can comment below too. We will answer your queries in detail.

NOTE – You can Sign Up For Free now! Results for Lucky Draw will be declared on December 25. From then, those who do not make it will have twelve days to deposit the money to be eligible for the course.

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