Facebook Contest Ideas for Movies

A home to more than a billion users worldwide, you will often find a thin blue bar line glaring back at you in the top of your screen while you are online – a testimony to the popularity of the social networking website. What makes Facebook such an amazing venue for publicity is the sheer volume of potential consumer present. Statistics reveal that every second, five new Facebook profiles are created. Never has it been so easy to capture the attention of such a large chunk of the market on just one platform.


Movie promotion and Facebook

It’s simple – almost every movie that is released makes a page of its own on Facebook (there’s an official page and often others created by fans).

The problem arises when all movies try to promote themselves.

As a producer and director, you need a particular movie to stand apart from the others, you need to make sure that the movie is geared towards the target audience.

What you find today is a lowering attention span among the people today. Combine that with the huge number of distractions on Facebook, and it’s a difficult task to make the user notice your ad, let alone make an impact on the mind of the user.

Know thy Audience

What interests an average human mind? If you just post updates of your movie, a majority will not visit your page again.

Imagination is everything. It’s a preview of life’s coming attractions.

-          Albert Einstein

What you need to do is, give users a reason to love your page. Use your imagination. Remember that people love to be loved. If you offer something in return, it will spark instant interest. The reward does not have to be monetary, or even physical. Herein come the idea of a contest. A contest will not only spike the interest level of people but will also fulfill both the criteria mentioned above – bringing people back to the page repeatedly (updates on the contest) and a return (winning a competition). So what kind of ideas should be used for such contests? Here are a few examples.

Contest Ideas that Can Do the Trick

  • The ‘Tag’

IKEA was probably the first page to use this technique effectively. This can easily be adapted to movies. Post a picture of a poster from your movie, or a scene from the movie, inviting users to tag themselves. You can invent different winner conditions, such as chance to win a prize at the end of the week, a la a virtual lucky draw. The prize could be a virtual autograph of the lead actor in the movie. You can let your imagination run free with this.

  • ‘Submit your picture’

This is a contest that appeals to the users, as most people on Facebook love posting photos. You can ask for users to submit photos with a particular criterion. For the sake of example, let us assume a superhero film called Greatman needs to be promoted on Facebook. You can hold a contest in which you invite people to send pictures in Greatman costumes. Or their favourite Greatman pose from the movie teasers. Build upon different ideas, and then recognize a couple as the winners of the contest. The prize could be getting featured as ‘Fan of the Week’ (as done by the Man of Steel page). This method was successfully used by Citreon UK, when they asked users to submit photos of their face representing the emoticons J, L and :S

  •  Liking the page

This is an all time favorite. MovieWeb, a well-known movie and TV news website, uses this method. You simply ask the users to like your page in order to get a chance to win the contest. The MovieWeb contest ran like this,

“Just Like the MovieWeb Facebook page and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!
If you already “Like” MovieWeb, just leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!”

Quite frankly, it’s simple and effective.

  • Bring in Innovation

A movie is as big as its stars. While you might love debating this statement, there’s a lot that you can achieve by being innovative. Carry out a lucky draw, let your lead star interact with the fans and users. Facebook Live Chat has been used quite often for the purpose and stars like Vidya Balan have directly interacted with people through it.

Talking about innovative concepts, there is a lot more you can do. Coca Cola for instance organized the Recycling King contest in Israel. All recycling bins across the country were registered into Facebook Places and users then checked into most bins. The one who checked into most bins (and uploaded the photos) was the winner! Think creative. Let users go in for an online scavenger hunt, or ask them to show their interest in the movie by doing something innovative.

  • The Guess Who is It contest

Playing quizzes and rewarding the winners or carrying out a lucky draw always helps in draw in the users. However, the method has grown a bit old and you might just need to take a look at something more innovative.

To be simply put, any technique that involves the user and gives them some sort of return is good enough. While the innovation and creative quotient makes a difference in the end, word-of-mouth publicity also helps. Using Facebook Ads can help people know about your contest too. The intention should be to make the contest go viral – which is a sure shot way of good promotion.


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