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About the Course:

From January 2014, we will be offering the Basic Freelance Writing Course. Here’s what you will be learning in the eight classes, spanning over a month.

Basic Freelance Writing course – 8 classes

Please remember this is the general outline. All the aspects will be dealt with in detail and insights will be given on how you can proceed further.

Class Timings: (Subject to Change)

Batch 1 > Tuesday and Friday, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Batch 2 > Wednesday and Saturday, 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

Course Duration – March 2014. Total 8 classes, beginning March 18.

Class 1

  1. How to build up your portfolio?
  2. Grammar Mistakes made mostly
  3. Platforms to help you freelance
  4. Understanding Content Niche Requirements


Class 2

  1. Lesson on Grammar
  2. Sentence formation issues
  3. Plagiarism, rephrasing and uniqueness


Class 3

  1. How can freelancing help you?
  2. Common Trends.
  3. Interacting with clients – How to go about it?


Class 4

  1. Why do many companies do not want to hire you
  2. What are the common mistakes a freelancer of India makes
  3. How to approach a company
  4. How to face client rejection


Class 5

  1. How to make the perfect proposal?
  2. Things to watch out for
  3. Mistakes to avoid while Writing


Class 6

1. Using bidding systems

2. Content Spinning and Creating Thousands of New Contents A look

3.  Different countries, different styles

4. A look at Styles of U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia in detail


Class 7

1. What to do next?

2. Using different software and applications

3. Feedback and taking care that clients love you (even if the job doesn’t go well).


Class 8

1. Direct interaction with a Client (Subject to Client Availability)

2. Discussing the needs of each applicant & what they need to get better briefly

3. Summary

(A chance to Freelance for us will be offered to suitable candidates!) 

You can comment below for queries and suggestions.

Please Note – Content of the Course are subject to changes as seen fit by us. While we endeavor to provide you with the best of services, there is NO legal responsibility that we carry whatsoever.

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