Class 2 quiz 2

There are two types of questions. One multiple based and other description based. Please make sure that you answer as best as possible for the descriptive ones.




Phone Number

Where is the Themes option located in WP?

What is the post name for a site?

What do you do if a client is wrong?

What do you do if you have to add an image?

How do you create a sub menu in Wordpress? Describe the process


What do you do if you are not sure whether the client is a fraud or not?

How do you apply a new theme in Wordpress?

Say you want a chatroom in Wordpress. What do you do?

How can you deal with a client who is not paying?

How to insert a video in Wordpress?

How do you differentiate between spam comments and normal comments in Wordpress as an adminsitrator?

How do you install Google Analytics on the Wordpress site?

Wordpress doesn't allow MS Word format to be displayed correctly always in its page. What do you do to get around the problem?

A person doesn't find Insert Image option while working in Wordpress while another does. Why is this so?

Find the odd one out: Drupal, Wordpress, Yahoo, Magento

Identify the right option: What time will you be back home? __________

Are you hungry? __________

There is a work overload. How do you manage? Elaborate.

Identify the odd one:

The phone's ringing? ___

Rephrase and describe what was wrong here: "Different homes have different interior and architecture according to ones needs and environment. Must to know what the new upcoming trends are there in the market. Duplex house and a slip house is something that is newly immerging."

Identify the error in the sentence: The packages is been designed in such a way that no one is kept away from his or her house.

Identify the word that can make the sentence complete: Display homes give an idea about exactly one should have their home.

What is SEO? Differentiate between White Hat and Black Hat SEO? Why do you need Google Page Rank?

List 5 different Cloud Providers

Link building - What does it mean?

List any 5 grammar mistakes that people make mostly

List 4 platforms to help you freelance

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