1. What is My Freelance Academy’s Cancellation Policy?

Users are requested to understand the course structure and what will be provided in full before signing up for the course. While we endeavor to provide all that is required for you to launch your freelancing career, we will not be able to refund any money if you miss any part of the course or are unsatisfied with it.

2. Do I get refund for not attending classes/What if I cannot attend a class?

My Freelance Academy does not offer refunds if you fail to attend classes as scheduled. However, as a sign of gesture and our aim to help you launch your freelancing career, we will supply you with course materials nonetheless, so that you understand what happened in the class you missed. You are expected to let us know as soon as you can about the failure to attend class.

3. What if I decide to stop attending the classes?

Sometimes, due to unforeseen reasons, you might not be able to attend classes. If the number of classes are more than 3 (out of 8), we can adjust and have you in another batch in the next month. However, you will need to explain your position and circumstances and the decision rests solely at the discretion of My Freelance Academy.

4. How do I start the Course?

You are requested to sign up in the Sign Up page for free. Then, you will be asked to make the required payment. Our Course schedule is mentioned in the Course Content page for now. You will be required to choose one of the batch timings you will attend.

5. Are the classes online?

Yes! Everything s conducted online and you can take part in the course from the comfort of your home. While we do not need you to have a camera, having a mic in your PC will be useful.

6. What do the courses consist of?

Normally, every course will have videos, assignments, tutorials, interactive sessions and evaluations. Everyone who takes the course will be expected to complete their assignment on time and at the end of the course, a Evaluation Card will be sent as well.

7. What if I cannot pay by the required medium?

We accept different kinds of payments, from checks to credit cards. The Payment Gateaway system will be shortly activated on the site for you to pay online. However, you can also pay through Checks,  giving you a complete freedom on your payment option.

8. Will My Freelance Academy really help me launch my freelancing career?

Yes! We will provide you with every info you need. We will even tell you a specific strategy that you can use to get success in your freelancing career, depending on your abilities at present. The Evaluation Card will tell you more about where you stand.

9. Can I take part in the course from anywhere?

Right now the course is only for Indian citizens and NRI’s. We do not allow people from outside India to take part as the course is made keeping the Indian audience in mind. However, do drop us a mail. We are constantly seeking opportunities to expand to other countries as well.

10. How do I pay for the course?

We have different accepted payment methods to make the process hassle free. While you will be told to pay through Debit or Credit card when you sign up, you can also pay through NEFT, Account Transfers, Checks and Demand Drafts. Please check the Payments Page for details. If you choose to pay besiddes Debit or Credit card, please shoot a mail to soubhik92@gmail.com letting us know that to help us keep track of things.

11. My Debit Card is not Accepted. How do I pay now?

Recently, we have seen some of your debit cards not being accepted. The most probable reason is that it isn’t enabled for international transactions (our payment gateway is hosted by an international company in the U.S.). If you have a credit card, it shouldn’t be any issue as all credit cards work fine. In absence of a credit card, we suggest you pay us through Account transfers, Netbanking or Cheque. Please contact us at soubhik92@gmail.com if you have other queries.

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